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When is Opening Day?

November 18th, 2023 (Closed for 2023, see you next year)

9am to 8pm Monday -Saturday & 10am to 8pm Sunday


Choose and Cut: (Grown on the Farm) 60.00 any tree

Virginia Pine, Red Cedar & Leyland Cypress Varieties


Fresh Cut Trees: (NC Mountains)

Fraser Fir & Turkish Fir

(Prices vary by size and type)


Is Santa going to be there?

Yes.  He is scheduled to fly in on the following dates:

November 18,19,24,25,26  December 3, 9, 10



Appointment required. Please contact Bill Cline 704-201-8922 to schedule.  

Cost: 40$ per each family

We do not allow photography sessions during 

our busy weekends (Nov 18-19, Nov 23-26, Dec 2-3).

We are extremely busy and want to guarantee the best experience

for everyone.

Big Trees:

We have a limited number of trees over 9 feet tall.

First come, first serve.


Can you reserve trees?

No. First come, first serve. No online orders.

We know that only YOU can pick your perfect tree.

Tree Prices:

No price increase this year, as we are cutting more of our own trees that are now ready.  We are able to control prices more using our own stock.  Our table toppers start at $20 and our 12' trees will go up to $300

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