When is Opening Day?

November 19th, 2022

9am to 8pm Monday -Saturday & 10am to 8pm Sunday


Choose and Cut: (Limited) $50 any tree

Virginia Pine, Red Cedar & Leyland Cypress Varieties


Fresh Cut Trees: (NC Mountains)

Fraser Fir & Turkish Fir

(Prices vary by size and type)


Is Santa going to be there?

Yes.  He is scheduled to fly in on the following dates:

November 19,20,25,26,27.  December 4.  December 10 and 11 are tentative dates.



Appointment required. Please contact Bill Cline 704-201-8922 to schedule.  

Cost: 35$ per each family

We do not allow photography sessions during 

our busy weekends (Nov 19-20, Nov 24-27, Dec 3-4).

We are extremely busy and want to guarantee the best experience

for everyone.


Is there a Christmas Tree shortage?

Yes, However, we have more inventory than last year!  

When we sell out, we will close for the season. 


Big Trees:

We have a limited number of trees over 9 feet tall.

First come, first serve.


Can you reserve trees?

No. First come, first serve. No online orders.

We know that only YOU can pick your perfect tree.